If you’ve been dreaming about visiting the United Arab Emirates – one of the world’s hottest tourist and business destinations, home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi (and so much more) – but aren’t sure of where to go, where to stay, where to eat, or what to do when you arrive you’ve come to the right place!

Our team has spent a tremendous amount of time in this part of the Middle East, living and breathing UAE culture for years (one of us calls the UAE home, too) accumulating all the “inside information” travelers need to make their next trip one to remember forever.

We know what it’s like to dream about traveling to far-flung locales all over the world, but we also know what it’s like to arrive at those destinations and discover we are unprepared for the realities of our new adventure.

You won’t have to worry about that when visiting the UAE, not with our help, anyway!

Our Mission

A lot of the resources on our UAE travel blog revolve around really getting yourself prepared for a trip to this part of the world so that the rest of your trip is a lot more spontaneous and a lot more stress-free. We are talking about going far beyond just packing your bags right and reserving airfare and hotel accommodations, though.
We are talking about making sure that you understand the culture, the kind of adventure opportunities available, and what day-to-day life is like in the UAE – especially for visitors from other places around the world.
It’s not hard to get overwhelmed by everything that places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer.
It’s also not hard to get swept up in the fantasy of traveling to the UAE, especially when you see all the pictures and traveler vlogs that paint it in a spectacular light (deservedly so, too).
We are here to give you a little dose of reality before you leave for your trip so that you can enjoy every minute without having to stress or worry about whether or not you are truly prepared for everything you might encounter.

The UAE Like You’ve Never Seen It

Of course, we are also going to share with you all kinds of trouble spots, little-known restaurants and eateries, incredible entertainment opportunities, and some of the best hotels and resorts a little bit “off the beaten path” that you would have had a tough time discovering all on your own.

Sure, some of the world-class destinations in the UAE are “must-see” – you definitely need to spend at least some time in Dubai when you come to this part of the world – but there are other, lesser-known spots throughout the United Arab Emirates that not everyone knows about but are just as important to explore, too.

A lot of the travel reports we share on this blog are going to revolve around those kinds of destinations, the kinds of destinations you won’t find in any travel guidebook.

These are the kinds of UAE destinations that will be burned into your memory, the kinds of destinations that you want to share with your fellow travelers the next time you’re in this part of the world.

Inside Info to Build the Perfect United Arab Emirates Travel Itinerary

Building out the perfect itinerary when you’re visiting the UAE can feel like a bit of an uphill battle at first, especially when you haven’t traveled this part of the world before and aren’t sure of which destinations you really should visit and which ones are little more than tourist traps.

We have you covered in that department, too!

At the end of the day, our main mission here is to give you as much information about UAE as possible – sharing with you the stories from our own trips and adventures – so that you can create your own travel plan and ultimate vacation in this part of the world.

Meet the Team

Lilli – Our Travel Blogger and Lead Editor

Lilli - Our Travel Blogger and Lead Editor

Lilli – Our Travel Blogger and Lead Editor

Hi, my name is Lilli and I’m the lead editor and head travel blogger here.

I’ve been traveling the world (and writing about it) for close to 20 years now, most of the time on my own or with a couple of friends, and always a little bit off the beaten path.

I absolutely love the UAE and everything it has to offer world travelers, and also appreciate the fact that it does act as a bit of a central hub for travel throughout the rest of the Middle East – and the world in general.

Almost all of my travel exploits and adventures have been documented with great detail, and I’m looking forward to sharing as much info about the UAE as I can here!


Brad – Our Travel Photographer and Explorer

Brad - Our Travel Photographer and Explorer

Brad – Our Travel Photographer and Explorer

Hello there!

My name is Brad and I’m the guy responsible for the overwhelming majority of the photos and videos here on the blog.

While I haven’t been traveling quite as long as our head editor, I grabbed my camera at a really young age and fell in love with the idea of globetrotting while recording those moments frozen in time forever.

Though I have been to dozens and dozens of countries around the world (every continent except for icy Antarctica) I keep coming back to the UAE time and time again. There’s just something about the energy and the atmosphere here that really pulls me in like a magnet.

Hopefully I’m able to convey that energy and that atmosphere in the photos and videos I shoot for our blog. Drop me a line and let me know how I’m doing!

Mariam – Calls the UAE Home and Shares Hidden Gems Tourists and Travelers Won’t Find on Their Own

Mariam - Calls the UAE Home

Mariam – Calls the UAE Home


My name is Mariam, and I’m the UAE resident here on the blog and have been living in Dubai for a couple of decades now.

I was here long before Dubai became the global tourist hotspot it is today, have watched the UAE grow over the last 20 or 30 years, and have met thousands and thousands of travelers and explorers that want to see what makes this part of our planet so special.

Because I have so much day-to-day experience here in the UAE the team relies on me for my unique perspective and recommendations for local accommodations, eateries, and dining options that you won’t find in any travel guide or on any other blog.

I love getting the chance to show people around my home (even if it’s only over the internet) and hope you’ll make your way out here ASAP!